Silk Scarves

These deliciously soft silk scarves are the first clothing products made by Borgo Pignano.

The patterns are made by tightly wrapping leaves, twigs, flowers and minerals from the estate into the silks which are then suffused in water-based natural dyes. 

The fabrics are left to dry naturally and each scarf captures the softness, delicacy and warmth of our part of Tuscany.

The eco-print is a new declination of natural dyeing, an alchemical process
of artistic craftsmanship involving all elements:

  • WATER, that of the coloured dyeing and cooking bath, that allows the fixing of pigments in a harmony of colours that every time surprises us
  • EARTH, which gives us leaves, branches, roots, flowers, fruits and precious minerals, which are wrapped together with the fabric in a very tight embrace
  • FIRE, which infuses power to the dyes that bind to the fabrics
  • AIR that envelops everything and dries the dyed clothes, lying down to be admired...

And more than all TIME: the transmutation of white into colour needs time, delay, waiting to give us wonderful unique and unrepeatable pieces!